Mediterranean Cuisine

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  • Gyro House Combo Grill !
    The Gyro House Combo Grill, a combination of lamb, beef, and poultry meat. It is one of our popular dishes!.
  • Garbanzo beans hummus | a popular greek, turkish and mediterranean dish!
    Baba Ghanouj, made by hand from fresh eggplants, is one of our typical side dishes.
  • Bread and dolmas are traditional Mediterranean and M;iddle-Eastern appetizers!
    Bread and dolmas are one of the favorite traditional Mediterranean appetizers.
  • at Gyros House we treat customers as we treat friends and family at home!
    We extend the traditional Mediterranean hospitality to our customers treating them as we would treat friends at our homes.
  • Greek and Turkish kebabs are made also made with chicken.
    Our chicken, Greek, and Turkish Kebabs are carefully prepared with a variety of spices and oplive oil.
  • Yogurt is always part of Greek and Traditional meals!
    Yogurt is always part of Greek and Traditional meals, it is a healthy addition to any meal!
  • At Gyros House ous satisfaction is to see customers happy as if they would be friends at our homes!
    We get pride from seeing customers comfortable and happy as if they would be friends invited to our home...
  • Hummus and bread is a staple of Eastern Mediterranean food!
    Hummus and bread almost always goes with any Greek and Turkish meal... It's one of the favorite appetizers and side-dishes.
  • Families with kids are welcome!
    We welcome families with kids... it doesn't matter how large the family is!
  • Great whole bread always goes with a Mediterranean meal!
    We pay attention to have wonderful bread, always on the side of our Mediterranean dishes!
  • Groups of friends are welcome!
    For birthdays, celebrations, even meetings, we are used to host from small to large groups of people!
  • Meat kebabs are typical Greek and Turkish food!
    Meat kebabs made with lamb, beef, or poultry are among our client's favorite dishes.
Gyro's House

Greek and Turkish Family-Style Cuisine

Traditional family-style Mediterranean dishes

Mediterranean Cuisine

At Gyros House we provide traditional mediterranean family style service

At Gyros House our food is influenced mainly by Greek and Turkish cuisines and cultures.

Most of our recipes and preparartion of dishes is rooted in this Greek and Turkish Mediterranean culture of healthy and savory dishes shared in the context of family and frienship.

Family- Style Service

At Gyros House we provide traditional mediterranean family style service

Not only we prepare our foods from traditional family recipes, but we also offer a service and ambiance that is rooted in family and friendship.

One of our satisfactions is to offer a break from the fast pace of Silicon Valley by offering Greek, Turkish, and Mediterranean Food with the warm Mediterranean personality that embraces friendship and a warm interaction without stress.


At Gyros House we provide traditional mediterranean family style service

Besides our restaurant with a warm and friendly ambiance we like catering because it's a way to spread what we do.

We have many years of experience in delivering food to Stanford University, corporations, family parties, meetings, and any reunion and venue you may imagine.